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Lotnummer: 1286
IOWA/ARIZONA. DES MOINES. Shares of $10. green, gold, gold seal, black. No 2046. Folds. Large format share, with patriotic vignettes of 'Liberty', arms, eagle. The zoo was in the state capital, Des Moines. The Iowa State Zoo was a combination of a zoo and a pleasure park, where amusements were combined with a zoo with mostly indigenous animals. The park was created by the Iowa Zoo & Amusement Co., controlled by a Chicago company which owned a large number of similar parks in the U.S.A. The company was founded in 1909, with a capital of $250,000. The majority of the shares were held by the company which built the park. Along with the collection of animals was a restaurant, dance-hall, Japanese tea-garden, carousel, labyrinth, etc., to amuse the visitors. The park opened in 1909. (Ref. ZoologischeGärten als Kapitalges., A. Schmitz & A. Metzger).
Thema's: ZOO & CIRCUS
Datum: 15 August 1910
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 1200