Hier ziet u de resultaten van onze 67ste veiling (16 okt 2021). Niet verkochte loten kunnen tem 14 nov bekomen worden aan de gewone veilingsvoorwaarden. Wie eerst komt, eerst maalt!

Lotnummer: 1228
SALTO. Accion de 100 Pesos. orange, black. No 2243. Two small brown stains at the top. Attractive and early share of a shipping company from Salto, northwestern Uruguay and along the Uruguay River. Originally founded 1857 to carry out a regular service between Montevideo and Salto via 2 river-steamers. The company was reincorporated in 1862 and started also building its own ships. Liquidated in 1879. This share, the only one we have ever seen, is illustrated with a detailed allegorical vignette at the top and a steamer at the bottom.
Datum: 1 January 1872
Kwaliteit: VF-EF
Startprijs: € 200