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Lotnummer: 703
Cert. for 25 Shares of 100 drachmas. green, blue, red-brown. No 13126-50. Company formed 1928. Missalonghi is a small town on the Gulf of Patras, which placed a valiant party in the Greek War of Independence against the Turks in 1822-1825. It suffered three sieges in this time, but far more numerous Turkish forces. Although with heavy losses and much misery, it survived the sieges, thus making an important contribution to the ultimate victory of the Greeks. Part of the success was due to the English poet Lord Byron, a great philhellene, who helped to finance the resistance and train the defenders, until he died of 'marsh fever' (probably malaria) in 1820. Whilst Byron's heroism at this time is undoubted, his earlier life was full of scandal. He was greatly helped by Marko Botsaris, leader of the souliotes movement (members of wild Albanian tribes who united against the Turks, especially at the sieges). The share shows a great battle during the sieges, a painting of Lord Byron, and a portrait of Botsaris, views of Missalonghi, underprint of multiple maps,showing location of the town.
Datum: 1928
Kwaliteit: EF
Startprijs: € 200