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Lotnummer: 649
HESSEN. FRANKFURT A. M. Namens-Actie über 250 Gulden Südd. W. green, buff, black. #2800. No 313. Folds and one repaired edge-tear (not into the printed part of the share). One of the finest German zoo shares, showing lion, leopard, bear, eagles, etc. Very decorative border. The idea of a zoo in Frankfurt dates from 1857, when a group of prominent citizens (including the philosopher Schopenhauer) had the idea of following Berlin in creating a zoo. The city leased 6Ha of wooded land in the centre of the city for building the zoo. A company was formed to build the zoo; it had a capital of 80.000 guilders, in 320 shares of 250 guilders each. These were readily sold, including to the Rothschilds. The zoo opened to the public in 1858, and was a great success. Personnel were sent to other European zoos, including Antwerp, to learn how to run the zoo. By the early 1870s the zoo had grown so much that a new larger site was needed, and that was found on the outskirts of the city. A new and larger company was formed in 1872, to finance this expansion. The capital of the new company was 350.000 guilders, in 1400 shares of 250 guilders; this is one of those shares, issued to the Gräfin (countess) Böse. The new zoo opened in 1874. In 1915 the city took over the zoo as a public institution. The zoo was very badly damaged in World War II, but wasrebuilt and redeveloped. It is now one of the finest zoos in Europe. (source: ZoologischeGärtenalsKapitalgesellschaften, A. Schmitz & A. Metzger, 2000.) A very popular share.
Thema's: ZOO & CIRCUS
Datum: 1872
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 1800