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Lotnummer: 595
PARIS. Cert. Nom. d'Actions "A" de F150. red, green. No 198. One of the great names in French shipping, operating some of the most prestigious ocean liners, including the famous 'Normandie', a queen of the North Atlantic in the 1930s. The very ornate border, however, reflects an earlier period, showing ports crowded with shipping, and the underprint shows a side-wheel ship of that date. Design by Catenacchi, one of the best-known designers in the field of scripophily. He was a painter and illustrator, born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1816, and died in Paris in 1884. A student of Basoli in Bologna, he studied also in Rome. He had to leave Italy for political reasons. After a stay in Corfu and a visit to Greece and the Orient, he came to live in Paris, and became a French citizen. He displayed his work at the Salons of 1869 and 1870. He illustrated a number of books, and many fine French share certificates and bonds. Printed by Chaix. This nominative type is rarely seen.
Datum: 27 December 1927
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 30