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Lotnummer: 474
25 DOUBS. VALENTIGNEY. 4,25% Cert.Nom. d'Obligations de F5000, specimen. blue, yellow, red. #5000. The Peugeot family were manufacturing ironmongers, making tools, corsets, etc, before the first company connected with cars was founded in 1876. Bicycles were built from 1885, and a steam-car in 1889. This was driven from Paris to Lyon. Steam was soon replaced by petrol, using Daimler engines. In 1891 Peugeot made the first long-distance journey by petrol-driven car, from Beaulieu-Valentigney to Paris, thento Brest, and back. A new company took over car manufacture at Audincourt in 1897, and offered a wide range of cars, from 3 to 30hp. In 1902 the Lille factory opened, and an even wider range was on offer. In 1910 the company became S.A. des Automobiles et Cycles Peugeot, and the Sochaux factory opened, this being the main works today.
Datum: 1942
Kwaliteit: UNC
Startprijs: € 30