Hier ziet u de resultaten van onze 67ste veiling (16 okt 2021). Niet verkochte loten kunnen tem 14 nov bekomen worden aan de gewone veilingsvoorwaarden. Wie eerst komt, eerst maalt!

Lotnummer: 424
PARIS. Action de F1000. black. No 250. Rather stained upper left corner. Formed Paris, 1834, by Narcisse Brame Chevalier, of Lille, to exploit his brevet for equipment for evaporation, cooking and distillation, as part of the process of precipitating the syrup in making loaf-sugar. Sugarloaf was the traditional form in which refined sugar was produced and sold until the late 19th century. A tall cone with a rounded top was the end-product of a process that saw the dark molasses-rich raw sugar, which had been imported from sugar cane growing regions such as the Caribbean and Brazil, refined into white sugar. Decorative piece, with an elaborate border, and vignettes of chemical equipment and maritime themes, including a steamboat towing a barge. The oldest French sugar scripophily we have ever seen. Extremely rare.
Datum: 1834
Kwaliteit: VF
Startprijs: € 300