Hier ziet u de resultaten van onze 67ste veiling (16 okt 2021). Niet verkochte loten kunnen tem 14 nov bekomen worden aan de gewone veilingsvoorwaarden. Wie eerst komt, eerst maalt!

Lotnummer: 254
BRUSSELS/LONDON. 5 Preferred Ord. Shares of £1. green, black. No 1857. Text in English and French. Border of leaves. The company was formed in 1909 by the General Motor Cab Co. of London; the chairman of both companies was Davidson Dalziel, a well-known financier. It had cab-stations in Brussels, St.Josse-ten-Noode, St.Gilles and Ixelles, and in 1910 was operating 274 cabs. It was earning on average F39.22 per vehicle per day, while expenses were only F29.13. Signed by Baron Davison Dalziel. He was a British newspaper owner and member of the House of Commons and later the House of Lords. He founded Dalziel's News Agency, several cab businesses and the Pullman Car Co.
DALZIEL, Baron Davison
Datum: 4 June 1909
Kwaliteit: VF-EF
Startprijs: € 50