Legal terms


1. The seller guarantees that he is the rightful owner of, or may legitimately dispose of, the goods being offered by auction. He guarantees also that he has no knowledge whatever to the effect that the goods offered by auction have been acquired unlawfully, and also that no third party can claim any rights (pledge, collateral, etc.) over those goods.
2. The sale of goods is made by the auction-house as an agent, acting in the name of, and for account of, the seller. The auction-house is authorised to protect all the seller’s rights, in accordance with the sales instructions given to him, and, in the event of an effective sale, to act in the name of, and on behalf of, the seller.
3. Until the goods sold are paid for in full by the buyer, they remain the seller’s property; only after receipt of payment in full do the goods become the property of the buyer. The auction-house will at no time be the owner of the goods.
4. The sale takes place by auction, against payment in cash, with a premium of 20.57% (exception: from €100.000 onwards, de sales commission on a lot is 12,10% - VAT included). This premium is made up as follows :
- 17% commission on the price for which a lot is sold ;
- 21% V.A.T. on this commission.
5. The authenticity of the goods is guaranteed by the expert. Should any dispute arise, the item has to be returned to the auction-house within eight days of receipt.
6. The auctioneer is entitled to group, separate or omit lots. He can also take into account he wish of a consigner to set a minimum amount on a combination of lots (=conditional sale), foreseen this is clearly described in the auction catalogue.
7. In the event of an incorrect or unintentional bid, the lot in question will immediately be offered again for auction.
8. The prices in the catalogue are starting-prices, and no lower bid will be accepted.
9. Written buying orders will be executed carefully, and without charge. Any charges for postage, packing and insurance will be for the account of the buyer.
10. Written bids are to be made in euro.
11. Bids which do not correspond with the bidding steps as mentioned in the catalogue, will be rounded down to the nearest bidding step.
12. The person bidding for a third party remains responsible in the case of non-payment by his client.
13. With immediate effect after the sale of the lot, the goods (which will be kept with the greatest care) are for the account of the buyer and at the buyer’s risk. No complaints will be accepted.
14. Damage or loss during the process of delivery by third parties (eg mailing companies) is at the risk of the buyer.
15. No lot bought can be returned afterwards without written permission of the auctioneer.
16. We must receive full payment within 30 days after the auction date. After that period, a monthly surcharge of 2% will be applied with a monthly minmum of 25 EUR.
17. Cash payments above 3000 EUR are not accepted according to Belgian Law.
18. Brussels is accepted as the place where all obligations are to be met. In the event of a dispute, both parties agree to comply with the decision of the Brussels courts.
19. The Process-Server acting in the matter will finally settle all disputes in connection with this sale.
20. Sellers and buyers subject to V.A.T. must comply with the amended current V.A.T. instructions dated January 2, 1995 (No.E.T. 76, E.T. 10.187, rules laid down in section 58 § 4 of the V.A.T. code).
21. In case of ex-aequo bid, the absentee bid has priority over an internet bid. An internet bid has priority over the telephone bid. The telephone bid has priority over a bid in the room.
22. The descriptions in the catalogue are made as good as possible. Any errors are no reason to cancel the purchase.
23. On other matters all normal current legal terms and conditions will apply.
24. The placing of a bid (in written form, in the auction room, by the internet or on the telephone) constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale by the bidder.

25. Only the Dutch text of the auction terms is legally binding.

Copyright : Any person wishing to use descriptions, or any other information, from this catalogue must obtain prior permission in writing from Centrum voor Scriptophilie BVBA.