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Lotnumber: 1115
STOCKHOLM. Share of 100 Reichstaler. black. No 32. As early as 1745 the trading house Abr. JocabArfwedson& Co. was given the privilege of creating a West India company, but due to a sharp protest from the Spanish envoy in Stockholm against this undertaking, the firm renounced its privilege. After theSwedish acquisition in 1784 of Saint Barthélemy in the West Indies, town secretary Johan Liljencrants put a proposition to the Chamber of Commerce for the formation of a share-based company to conduct trade in the West Indies. In 1786, the company received a 15-year privilege for commerce and shipping with the Swedish island of Saint Barthélemy and other islands of the West Indies as well as with North America. Liljencrants and the Stockholm wholesale dealers Arfwedson, Schinkel and Pauli were to supervise the subscription. The business did not develop as hoped for, and the first expedition was lost as a consequence of the war with Russia in 1788. Later on, the business was paralysed due to prohibitions of importation of certain goods, especially coffee. High costs caused by captures of ships brought bad commercial results and the company was dissolved in 1805. A 4-page document, ink-cancelled with a large 'X'. Printed, with manuscript additions of payment instalments and dividends
Themes: BEFORE 1800
Date: 15 December 1787
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 1200