Result list 16 October 2021

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Lotnumber: 804
KRAKAU. 8% Obligatie Fl.500, unnumbered. red, green, black. This loan was raised in Holland by the archdiocese of Krakow to finance the extension and equipment of the 'Dom Katolicki' in Krakow. The 'Dom' was doubtless very well-known to Pope John Paul II , formerly archbishop of Krakow. Moreover, the bond is facsimile signed by Prince Adam Stefan Stanislaw BonfatiuszJozef Cardinal Sapieha. He was Archbishop of Krakow, kept the young Karol Wojtyla in his episcopal residence during WWII and conferred him priestly ordination in 1946. The Cardinal would remain the mentor of the later Pope for many years. For our Belgian readers: Queen Mathilde is related to Cardinal Sapieha: her grandmother (on her mother's side) is Princes Zofia Maria Sapieha-Kodenska, whose grandfather was the Cardinal's brother.
Date: 21 November 1929
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 50