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Lotnumber: 727
Bank Statement manuscript. black. Very large format with (partly discoloured) folds and a few tiny holes. This is a large folio sheet, endorsed as "Account of Simone and Brothers" of "Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici and Company", with a debit column running from 19 May 1427 to 14 October 1427, and a credit column running from 3 April 1427 to 9 August 1427. The Medici family were not only bankers but also innovators in financial accounting. As such, they improved the general ledger system through the development of the double entry system of tracking debits and credits or deposits and withdrawals - as evidenced by this lot. The Medici Bank was the largest and most respected bank in Europe during its prime (for much of the 15th century). At one point, they managed most of the greatfortunes in the European world, from members of royalty to merchants. The Medici Bank foundation is usually dated to 1397 and the document we offer here is dated just 30 years later. Cosimo de Medici led the bank from 1428 to 1464. He established the Medici family as effective rulers of Florence during much of the Italian Renaissance and was also a major patron of arts, learning and architecture. The bank name also includes Lorenzo de Medici. He was the younger brother of Cosimo. Unlike Cosimo, active in many fields, Lorenzo very much focused on running the banking activity of the family. A truly historical financial document. See also lot 731.
Date: 1427
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 5000