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MASSACHUSETTS. BOSTON. Shares of $100. black, blue seal. No 91. Formed Boston, 1849, although we read that a company of similar name laid a wire between the two cities as early as 1846. By 1849 there were in fact 3 companies offering this service, and some 70 in all in the USA. Cooke and Wheatstone had patented the telegraph in England in 1837, and 1838 saw Samuel Morse's electro-magnetic telegraph patent approved. In 1832 Morse returned to the United States from his artistic studies in Europe. While discussing electricity with fellow passengers, Morse conceived of the idea of a single-wire electric telegraph. No one until this time had Morse's zeal for the applicability of electromagnetism to telecommunications or his conviction of its eventual profitability. Morse obtained a patent in the United States in 1838 but split his patent right to gain the support of influential partners. He obtained a $30,000 grant from Congress in 1843 to build an experimental line between Baltimore and Washington. The first commercial telegraph line, between New York and Washington, opened in 1846. Early date.
Date: 19 February 1850
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 100