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Lotnumber: 1216
MIDDELBURG. 5% Negotatie van 1000 Gulden. black. No 732. This certificate represents a 1000 guilders' mortgage share in a "negotiatie" on the then Dutch colonies Demerary and Essequebo. They both belonged to the West Indian Company (WIC) until 1791 and together with Suriname they formed Dutch Guyana. In 1791 the assets of the nearly bankrupt WIC were taken over by the Netherlands and in 1814 both colonies were transferred to the British. In 1831 Demerary-Essequibo were united with Berbice into British Guiana. The certificate promises to pay a 5% interest. This "negotiatie" was initiated by Kornelis van den Helm Boddaert, Mayor of Middelburg in the Netherlands. The conditions mentioned on the back reflect the rising distrust in the negotiations, after the abuses of the early 1760s issues. Article II mentions that the plantations would be valued by qualified valuators and article III mentions the mortgages and other securities taken out on the plantations. The certificate is signed by Boddaert himself. Wastages and fraud played a major role in the decline of the plantations. In 1777 the famous Amsterdam firm Bartholomeus van den Santheuvel and Son had to cease its payments due to losses suffered following the decline of the plantations in Essequebo and Demerary. From 1782 onwards both colonies entered a very unstable period which resulted in many casesin failure of payments. In 1815 all assets were seized by the English.
Date: 1 January 1771
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 120