Result list 31 October 2020

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Lotnumber: 1089
GRANADA. Accion de 3000 Rs. de vellon. black. No 340. Central fold. Fully intact paper seal and with wide borders, making this a share in above average condition. The company was formed in 1747, primarily to develop the textile industry of the province, and selling all produce of the Granada and neighbouring provinces. It also had certain trading rights with the American colonies. However, it was soon in trouble over mis-use of its monopoly powers. In 1748 it amalgamated with the Extremadura company, and they failed together in the late 1750s. The shares are printed on vellum, and are most attractive, with an elegant, flowing design and several vignettes of religious themes.
Date: July 1747
Quality: VF-EF
Startprice: € 1500