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Lotnumber: 1072
PETROGRAD. Temporary cert. 25 Shares of 100 Rbls, specimen. purple, black, red. Heavy fold. With the foundation in 1863 of the gold group Wassiliewskij, the gold exploration in the river Amur/Heilong (on the Far East Russian - Northeastern Chinese border) took a start. Annual production climbed from 800 kg to 2500 kg in the 1890s. The founder of this gold Group was Dmitri Egorowitsch Benardaki. He had first made fortune with his vodka monopoly for the whole of Siberia. With his profits, he invested in other industries such as iron works and ship wharves. As a result of his investments in steamships on Siberian rivers, he met the mining engineer Nikolai Anossow, well-known for his explorations of gold and other precious metals. Anossow informed Beardaki about the gold discoveries in the river Amur. After having installed the first exploration station in 1863, Benardaki sought other partners. He teamed up with the St. Petersburger Private bankers Ginzburg to form the "Company of good belief of the Werchne-Amur Gold company". Until April 1916 it would remain a privately owned limited company. In 1916 the company went public, as evidenced with the certificate in this auction. The capital consisted of 90.000 shares of 100 Rubles each, which would be subscribed in 2 tranches. 2 emissions of 3 million Rubles were planned for 1917 but would never be subscribed due to the Bolshevist Revolution of 1917. The gold company was namely on the top of the list of companies to be nationalised. Nowadays, the Amur region is the third-largest gold mining region in Russia and Petropavlovsk is regarded as the leading gold producer. In 2010, total gold produced from mines in the Amur region was 19,81 tons of which approximately 71% was attributable to the group. Although alluvial gold was first mined in the Amur region in 1867, it was only relatively recently that hard-rock deposits have been explored and mined on a large scale. First time we see this high domination certificate, surely unique.
Date: 1917
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 1600