Result list 31 October 2020

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Lotnumber: 715
60 OISE. LIANCOURT. Cert. d'Actions Nom. de F100. brown, yellow. No 48. We believe that this company was the French sales outlet for the Austin car company of England. Herbert Austin began to build cars in Birmingham in 1906. He built conventional 4- and 6-cylinder types. After WWI Austin tried a one-model policy, which nearly killed the company, although the car (the 4-cylinder Twenty) was a great success, and was built until 1929. The second success came in 1921 with the 1661c.c. Twelve, which stayed in production until 1936, and as a taxicab into the 1940s. Finally, 1922 saw the Austin Seven, one of the greatest of all baby cars. It had many racing successes, and was built in Germany (by BMW!), France, Japan and U.S.A. It was built until 1938. Larger cars appeared in the late 1930s. The Austin image was one of solid, well-furnished cars, appealing to the more conservative owner. The postwar cars were good but unremarkable, and in 1952 the company merged with Morris to form the British Motor Corporation. The Austin name continued in use for many more years, but has now disappeared from today's Rover.
Date: 18 October 1951
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 100