About The Scripophily Center

The Centrum voor Scriptofilie BVBA (or Scripophily Center in English) was incorporated in 1984 by Erik Boone as the world's first truly international auction house for historic share and bond certificates. Conducting two live auctions each year in Antwerp (Belgium), the Scripophily Center has gained an unrivalled reputation for quality offerings, professional worldwide service and top expertise in this field.

Since the year 2000, the managing director has been Mario Boone. As a great enthusiast of financial history, he, together with his international research team, writes some of the best-researched auction catalogues in this field. As a result, the company's annual auction turnover increased by an impressive 572% between 2001 and 2008, or on average 34% per year. This clearly indicates the very strong position the Scripophily Center holds in the growing market of scripophily collectors.

In 2009 we celebrated our Silver Jubilee, and organized a ‘Best of the Best’ auction in March 2009. Despite the economic and financial crisis, the results were astonishing : with a turnover of  €658.000, this was the largest and most successful scripophily auction ever worldwide (only the German National Bank Archive Sales produced higher turnovers, but these were basically business to business large-quantity auctions). In 2009, we also produced a reference catalogue on Belgian shipping shares and a book on the economic and financial history of the city of Arad, Romania.
We started 2010 with a facelift of our auction website, www.booneshares.com and introduced live internet bidding as a new feature to our auctions. Furthermore, we launched our webshop: www.scripocenter.com which includes many thousands of shares and bonds from around the world.
During the summer of 2010, we organized 2 scripophily exhibitions - one in Antwerp during an oldtimer event and one in Roeselare during a meeting of private investors organized by the local Fifty-One Club.
In March 2013, we organized our 50th auction. It was a truly extraordingary scripophily event.
Since, we launched our third website: www.scripocollections.com to serve collectors even more.
We also published a book on the business career of Baron Edouard Empain (written by J. Simar).
In 2017, we further expanded our business by conducting not only our 2 usual scripophily auctions, but also an auction on old banknotes. We auctioned the biggest collection of Belgian banknotes that ever appeared on the market. A great experience, to be continued...
best regards,
Mario Boone
managing director
the Scripophily Center