Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 1423
PENNSYLVANIA. PHILADELPHIA. Shares of $75. black. No 2014. Fine share, with large vignette of the Disston works in Philadelphia and portrait of Henry Disston, founder of the firm. Stamp- and punch-cancelled. Henry Disston was born in England in 1819, and was taken to U.S.A. as a boy. He started a saw-making business. He had to overcome many difficulties - dependence on imported steel, superior English technology, and the handicraft scale of the American industry. He overcame each of these; he was an innovator, improving the steel and the power in his factory. He experimented with different types of saw, to meet different needs, and in time the company came to produce a wide range of saws, from giant circular saws for the lumber industry to tiny keyhole saws, as well as files, knives, screwdrivers, trowels, etc. He died in 1878, but the business was continued by his sons and their sons. Tear repaired.
Date: 25 January 1950
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 30