Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 1296
MINNESOTA. Shares of $100. black. No 14. This 45-mile line linked Duluth northwestwards to Carthage Junction, and also served to shorten the Northern Pacific branch line to Winnipeg, Canada. It has an unusual and attractive vignette of an Indian in a canoe, watching a passing train. Issued to, and signed on the reverse by, Henry Villard. Villard (1835-1900) was born in Germany but moved to the USA in 1853, and became a journalist. In 1873 he turned to railroads, and aimed to build a railroad empire in Oregon and the northwest. He achievedsuccess, but his efforts to route the principal northwest transcontinental route through Oregon and Portland did not succeed. The Northern Pacific took the line to Puget Sound in Washington State. Villard became President, but the company achieved such a large loss that he was forced to resign, and later cut his links with transport in the northwest. Considered the most important railroad promoter in the US between 1879 and 1883. Meanwhile he had helped found the Edison General Electric Co. andhad a controlling interest in the New York Evening Post. 45 certs of this company were found, but we know of no other with the Villard signature.
Date: 23 November 1889
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 1200