Result list 9 November 2019

The results of our November 9 sale is now online. Unsold items can be obtained in our aftersale until December 8 (first come, first served). .

Lotnumber: 1221
PARIS. Cert. de Liquidation pour F2992,50. black. No 6689. Thin paper, with folds and pin-holes. Under the treaty between France and the republic of Haiti (the former French colony of St. Domingue), Haiti was to pay, over a 30-year period, 60 million francs to those French with claims against the Haitian government. This is a certificate of entitlement to F350 to be received when the payments were made by Haiti. The reverse shows that payments were indeed made in certain years. Border of oak-leaves. Rare and early piece.
Date: 7 May 1841
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 300