Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 1131
CONSTANTINOPLE. 5 Obligations de L.T.110=Fr.2500=Oest.Kr2380, sp. Serie 2. blue, brown, black. Very large format, with folds. Perforation holes in the borders. Bagdat Demiryolu Sirket-i Sahane-i Osmaniyesi. This line, an extension of the Anatolia Company line to Konya, was also German-financed, partly to increase German influence towards the Persian Gulf. The main financier was the Deutsche Bank, under Georg von Siemens. The line was eventually opened to Baghdad and Basra, and still exists today. Very large format, colourful piece, with text in Turkish, French, German and English. Printed by G&D. To be issued by the Ottoman government to pre-pay a fixed yearly income pro kilometer to the Bagdad Railway. The railway company had to market the bonds. This is a second series loan, but not the usual one... it is an unissued specimen with no serial number and one signature missing (pour le gouvernement Impérial Ottoman), and with a full coupon sheet. Note the Austrian tax stamp (top left corner) already put on the bond, although never sold. It is not impossible that at the last minute it was decided not to market the loan in the Austrian Empire.
Date: 31 January 1909
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 2000