Result list 9 November 2019

The results of our November 9 sale is now online. Unsold items can be obtained in our aftersale until December 8 (first come, first served). .

Lotnumber: 1112
CONSTANTINOPLE. 5% Bond for £10=F250. black on blue paper. #111364. No 408533. Some edge damage, with edge-splits but also some paper missing at the top. Folds. Very large format, with text in Turkish, English and French. Frame of Islamic architecture theme. One of the earliest Ottoman government bonds.This loan was issued to restructure and consolidate all old outstanding debt. The issue, for a total of 40 mio. Ottoman liras, was marketed with the aid of the General Credit and Finance Co. of London. Unlike earlier loans, the general revenue of the state was put up as collateral, hence the name "general debt".
Date: 30 March 1865
Quality: F
Startprice: € 300