Result list 9 November 2019

The results of our November 9 sale is now online. Unsold items can be obtained in our aftersale until December 8 (first come, first served). .

Lotnumber: 1024
SACHSEN-ANHALT. HALLE A.D.SAALE. Aktie über 1000 Mark. multicolour. No 11339. The business started in 1921, with the objective of creation and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and related products. In 1922 it amalgamated with another company, Th. Franz & Co., in the pharmaceuticals and food-products trade, and formed this company.1923 brought Käthe participation in the formation of 'Chemischen Fabrik Passendorf A.G.' in Halle, and other similar investments followed. However, by 1925 the company had serious financial difficulties, and went into liquidation. The factory was sold to a Netherlands company. One of the most colourful and attractive of all German shares, with a great red arch surrounded by surrealist shapes in yellow and green.
Date: 22 December 1922
Quality: EF
Startprice: € 100