Result list 9 November 2019

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Lotnumber: 1011
HESSEN. FRANKFURT A.M. Rennbahn-Antheilschein über 50 Mark Rw. green, blue, yellow, black. No 23. Heavy central fold, professionally repaired. A most attractive bicycle share. Shows a cycle-track with cycles on it, and a single cycle at the top. Also the German eagle, and the name of the club in English at the top and German below. All cycles shownare of the "penny-farthing" type, with one very large wheel in front (where the rider sat above it), and a very small one behind. The "penny-farthing", named after two British coins, was the first machine to be called a "bicycle" and was very popular in the 1870s and 1880s. Some restored models survive, and some are even built today for enthusiasts and racers. The Frankfurt Bicycle Club was founded in 1881 as the second bicycle association of Germany. One of its key founders was Heinrich Kleyer (1853-1932), who, from 1886 onwards manufactured bicycles in his Frankfurt-based factory. As such, he became the first German bicycle constructor, selling bicycles under the brand name "Adler". The first bicycle race organised by the Club took place in the streets of Frankfurt in 1882. A year later, the construction of a velodrome was started. Its construction was financed through the issue of these "Rennbahn-Antheilscheine" of 50 Marks each. On 7 May 1884, the velodrome, located in Oberforsthaus (Frankfurt), was solemnly opened. The race track was 400 meters long and 5 meters wide. One of the club star cyclists was August Lehr (1871-1921). He won 7 national titles and he became the first German world champion cycling in 1894 - the race was held in Antwerp. The cycle club continued to exist until recently (at least until 2014) and was for instance well known for its six-day races (until 1983). It operated several racing tracks in Frankfurt, including in Palmgarten, Riederwald and the Waldstation. This share is issued to the Frankfurt bankers Adolf & Anton Hahn, partners in the Privatbank L.A. Hahn, renamed Deutsche Effecten) und Wechsel-Bank in 1872 and Effectenbank-Warburg AG in 1969 and today part of Credit Suisse. Originally signed by Heinrich Ludwig Kleyer (1853-1932), basically the father of the German bicycle industry and founder of the Deutsche Bicycle-Union (today: Bundes Deutscher Radfahrer). With his company, first Heinrich Kleyer GmbH, later Adler Fahrradwerke, he continued to innovate (air tubes, two wheels of identical size,...) and around 1900 started to expand towards the production of motorcycles, cars and typing machines. According to our records, this is the world's oldest bicycle share ever reported.A unique find in a legacy.
Themes: SPORTS
KLEYER, Heinrich L.
Date: 25 June 1883
Quality: VF
Startprice: € 6000